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[ENGLISH] Tomorrow, 9.00 p.m. (Central Europe time / Italy time), just click the link below and see me and Mattia Bulgarelli working on Butterflies, Tale 2!…

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[ITALIANO] Domani, dalle ore 21.00, fate un click al link qui sotto per vedere me e Mattia Bulgarelli al lavoro in anteprima sul secondo racconto illustrato di Butterflies!…

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[ENGLISH] Tomorrow, 9.00 p.m. (Central Europe time / Italy time), just click the link below and see me and Mattia Bulgarelli working on Butterflies, Tale 2!…

Want more? With a free registration to you'll also be able to join the chat and comment, ask questions, etc.!

[ITALIANO] Domani, dalle ore 21.00, fate un click al link qui sotto per vedere me e Mattia Bulgarelli al lavoro in anteprima sul secondo racconto illustrato di Butterflies!…

Volete di più? Con una registrazione gratuita a potete unirvi alla chat e commentare, fare domande, ecc.!

NOTA BENE: Gli artisti sono invitati a mandare i link ai loro portfolio, siti, ecc.! ^__^
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Come on!!

10 Fatcs meme

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 11, 2015, 5:39 AM

So, I was tagged by Fi-Di :iconfidisart: for this meme:

1) You must post these rules.

2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.

3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.

4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.

5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you. ain't nobody got time for dat. Mentions feature and all that

6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".

7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.

8) No tag-backs.

9) You can't say that you don't do tags.

10) You MUST make a journal entry!


1) I’m absolutely crazy for pink color;

2) I love people. Chat with them, know them, help them, etc;

3) I’m an indie RPG gamer; I play only male characters;

4) I’m a indie RPG writer (my best game is called “Dilemma”);

5) I love cats!

6) I love karaoke;

7) I think boy on boy is really hot;

8) My main job is illustrator for children's books;

9) I like to eat sweets and drink coffee;

10) I often think I will not be as famous as I would like.

Fi-Di :iconfidisart: ’s questions:

1. Do you have any other ability, besides drawing?

I think my attitude is my other one big quality. I love people and I do my best to be always kind and friendly.

2. Are you more of a movies or books person?

It depends on how I feel. In these last few months I have been absolutely a movie person.

3. Favourite music genre?

Love songs and indie rock.

4. Favourite movie?

Mhhhh… Hard to tell. Maybe “Howl moving castle”.

5. Do you believe in God?

No. I believe in karma energies. 

6. Traditional or digital media?

Absolutely digital. <3

7. What's your Zodiac Sign?


8. Are you a make-up person, or are you lazy about it? 

I’m a make up person, but only when I go out. 

9. Do you barely/often think about sex? 

I don’t think about sex often. But I have a real obsession about love, passion and affection.

10. Are you perfectly happy with shipping your OTPs, or just feel like you need a love like theirs, in your life?

I like shipping. I think it’s very funny! ^___^

And I love to talk about OTPs with other people!


1) What is your fav dish?

2) Are you envious of another artist (writer, illustrator, comic artist, etc)?

3) What would you do in your artistic life that you have not yet done?

4) Do you have a big secret?

5) Do you like other people?

6) Do you like more to cuddle or sex?

7) What is your worst bad habit?

8) What do you like most about yourself?

9) Do you like animals?

10) What is your dream?

Sorry for the personal questions! ;P

I tag: :iconfrancescadasacco: :iconmicheladasacco: :iconkorinduval: :iconwinterx17: :iconchlorofilla: :icongroviglioprinz: :iconsimph: :icongiulianenhiril: :iconolath124: :iconalicesacco:

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I'm thinking about adding to my Patreon ( ), starting from Papilionidae ($20+/month), the option to follow live art lesson in streaming.

These would be, I think, 2-hours once per month sessions with layout and finalizing of an illustration, or more focused tutorials.

As an extra, followers can draw their art at the same time and then send the finished piece to me, via e-mail (and get a comment, in private).

Do you think it could be interesting?

Do you know someone interested?

Would you help me by spreading the voice?

I have a few years of teaching experience (art and drawing classes) in high school.


Sto considerando di offrire ai miei patron ( ), a partire dai pledge "papillonidae" ($20+/mese), la possibilità di seguire delle lezioni d'arte in streaming.

Potrebbero riguardare la composizione e creazione di una illustrazione, o tutorial più specifici, della durata di due ore una volta al mese.

Chi volesse potrà disegnare insieme a me e poi mandarmi i risultati via e-mail (a cui risponderò con un commento, in privato).

Secondo voi, potrebbe essere interessante?

Conoscete qualcuno che potrebbe essere interessato?

Siete disponibili ad aiutarmi a spargere la voce?

Insegno già da qualche anno disegno / educazione artistica in una scuola superiore, per cui ho un po'di esperienza nell'insegnamento.

ENGLISH: 1 line below; ITALIANO: vedi sotto!

[ENG] I opened my Patreon!

Support me here:
(contains partial, artistic nudity)

If you don't know what it is, you can check this article by Raffaele Manzo:…

Today I sent my first creation, more samples will come soon!
This is a quite ambitious project: I have many ideas about how to get in touch with many of you and your dreams with my Butterflies!
I'm not a famous artist, so please help me spreading the news on DeviantArt, G+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, art-themed forums... whatever comes to your mind!
Thanks in advance!

If you want to thank Raffaele for his article, support him, too:

[ITA] Ho aperto il mio Patreon!

Eccolo qua:

Se non sapete cos'è, date un'occhiata a questo articolo di Raffaele Manzo:…

Oggi ho inviato la mia prima creazione, altri esempi seguiranno presto!

Questo è un progetto molto ambizioso: ho molte idee su come entrare in contatto con voi e con i vostri sogni tramite le mie Farfalle!
Non sono un'artista famosa, perciò aiutatemi passando parola su DeviantArt, su G+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, forum a tema artistico... quello che vi viene in mente!
Grazie in anticipo!

Se volete ringraziare Raffaele per il suo articolo, supportate anche lui:
Hi Guys!

If you like my art and if you want to follow my new experiments and publications please click here:

It will be my new MAIN portal.
I'll hope to hear a lot of you!

- Manuela
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I married! -^___^-

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 14, 2011, 2:35 AM

Hi People!
Here's a quick short journal for you all!

First of all, a pink welcome to all my new watchers!
Thank you very much for all of your amazing messages!

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday greetings!
You're so KIND!!

Last month I merried Mattia Bulgarelli :iconkorinduval:.
We are really REALLY happy!!

I hope that your life is full of joy as mine!

- Manuela

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New Life, New Gallery!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 2, 2011, 2:27 AM

Hi Everyone! ^__^

It's been a long long time since my last journal.

In the past 12 months, my life changed a lot: I stopped being a comic artist, and I've become an illustrator!
I'm very happy of that, I think I found my true call!

When I was doing comics, everyone told me I had a very non-standard style: too cute, too feminine, too "manga", too "non manga", too rigid... I heard it all!
Also, I was always in a rush, with low payments... I was starving.

In the illustration world, I can ask for decent timelines. Yes, I'm working my arms off, but my clients are extraordinary people, each with a project in their heart, and I love them all!

In short: I'm happy!

Also, this year I'm getting married: 28th of August, to be precise, 4 days after my birthday.
I think this will be my best present ever.

My husband is this penguin here: :iconkorinduval:

I want to thank him because in this year of deep changes he supported me, in spite of the huge amount of stress (a lot of work, remember?).
He thought me English, and even if he still helps me for the hardest parts now I'm able to chat with my clients all by myself, with my "Englishiano". This year, I also forced him to do a lot of work for me, too. Lettering, graphics, etc. I think he hates me for that, but he will marry me anyway...

Thanks, and thanks to all of you who are still following me on DA.
I had a lot of new watchers, even if I'm not updating regularly.

I will not write new journals often, and that's because I'll try to keep my amount of hard work on the high side, also because I'd like to try and have a baby, next year.

Now, I will update my galleries: I'm going to move some of my old artwork (sub-par on my current quality standards) on different folders, and I'm going to add new stuff for your enjoyment!

I know many of you will miss my sexy, pin-up girls(*), but I'm still happy about my change of job: now every single day is full of joy and colors!
Every artist should try and see the world, once in a while, through a children's eyes. ^__^


(*) Yes, I'm still doing them on commission, but I warn you my price list is quite expensive, now I want to work ONLY with top-quality standards, rushed, cheap jobs are a thing of the past! Ask me in DeviantNOTE for details if you're interested, I never turn down honest requests for info!

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Questione spinosa:la pensione (INPS) degli artisti

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 14, 2011, 2:03 AM

Buongiorno a tutti!

(Im sorry, this post is only in Italian because it concerns matters of Italian law.)

Questo post è solo in italiano perchè riguarda questioni esclusivamente italiane.

Ci sono due problematiche principali per quanto riguarda la vecchiaia di un autore (e ce le ritroveremo sulla groppa entrambe):

1- La mancanza di una posizione INPS aperta (e quindi problemi ad avere una pensione decente);

2- Nel ns lavoro, una volta ceduti i diritti di sfruttamento economico (gergale: i soldi del diritto d'autore), non riceveremo più un centesimo del ns lavoro.

Riguardo al punto 1, nessuno ti apre una posizione INPS se non sei lavoratore dipendente, e di disegnatori con la qualifica di "dipendente" in Italia non se ne vedono più da anni, è una specie estinta. E penso che nemmeno all'estero si usi così.

Nel punto 2, questo non sarebbe un problema se l'autore venisse compensato (leggi: pagato) abbastanza da potersi permettere di mettere una parte dell'introito in un fondo pensionistico privato, o versamenti volontari INPS, se preferite (e, ripeto, se vi siete aperti una posizione!).
Ma questo accade?
C'è qualcuno che ci riesce?

Permettetemi di ridere in modo sguaiato.


Per quanto mi riguarda, quindi illustrazione, al momento: molto spesso i contratti con i privati esteri (o con i nuovi piccoli editori - sempre esteri) contengono la cessione dei diritti (se non vuoi essere pagato con un tozzo di pane duro) e in Italia il fumetto vende talmente poco che è ridicolo pensare di potersi "mettere via qualcosa per il futuro"!

Lo sapevate?

Beh, cominciate ad alzare le orecchie ed informatevi.

Se ambite a fare arte nella vita, pregate di guadagnare davvero bene per farvi una pensione privata.

Se avete notizie di interesse comune fatecelo sapere, per favore.

Nelle prossime settimane prenderò un appuntamento all'INPS per chiarire la questione.

Ce la faranno? le opere d'ingegno (che bel parolone, vero? sembra molto figo ma in verità è come dire "Pinco e Pallino che non si sa dove metterli nei settori lavorativi") sono sempre talmente mal trattate nella letteratura giuridica che nemmeno i così detti tecnici hanno mai risposte sicure...
Una solo parola: ridicolo.

Vi copio-e-incollo un articolo dal blog del mio futuro marito, Mattia Bulgarelli, che ha appena iniziato una serie di articoli sulla spinosa questione.


Un fumettista ha diritto alla pensione?
Se sì, come?

L'argomento è davvero importante, perciò bando alle ciancie.

Le mie credenziali le sapete: laurea in Economia; lavoro nel settore assicurativo, in particolare per il risparmio e la previdenza individuale e per le piccole aziende; ho un sacco di amici fumettisti; la mia futura moglie, Manuela, è un'ex-fumettista (in futuro si vedrà) ed illustratrice freelance.

Questi amici e Manuela vorrebbero sapere se un giorno avranno mai la pensione, e alle prime indagini si sono accorti che è un ginepraio.

Partiamo dall'idea che mi sono fatto in più di un lustro di frequentazioni di professionisti del settore: i fumettisti sono una categoria in gravissimo svantaggio, dal punto di vista della forza contrattuale.

Sono sempre di più come numero: dozzine, forse centinaia, di nuovi autori escono dalle scuole di fumetto ogni anno.
Molti di loro sono pure bravi, pochi di loro hanno un'idea precisa di cosa voglia dire mettersi in proprio. Quasi nessuno ha una formazione di Diritto, di previdenza o di Economia in generale, neanche basilare, ed è normale e comprensibile: il vero problema è che, lavorando tendenzialmente separati, non sanno, spesso, a chi riferirsi per avere notizie affidabili su questi argomenti.

Gli editori italiani sono pochi e piccoli (Bonelli è un caso unico, fa genere e specie a sè), e, mediamente, non sono granché preparati in materia di previdenza.

E questo ancor prima di contare l' "allergia" che sembrano dimostrare verso i contratti in forma scritta, credendo, forse a ragione forse a torto, di avere una maggiore forza contrattuale sull'autore.

La tendenza degli ultimi anni è, per la basilare legge della domanda (di fumetti, calante) e dell'offerta (di disegnatori, crescente) di pagare sempre meno.
E non parliamo, perché non è l'argomento che m'interessa ora, del lungo elenco di casi di pagamenti arrivati parzialmente, in ritardo, o mai arrivati.

Oltre ad un ricavo per ora di lavoro decisamente modesto, che non gli fa venire certo voglia di pagare un avvocato o un commercialista per andare a caccia di soluzioni, il fumettista soffre anche di un problema che è fondamentale per stabilire se ci sarà una pensione oppure no: non sa cos'è e non sa cosa fa.

Il fumettista è un artigiano?
Il fumettista è un libero professionista?

Il fumettista vende diritti d'autore?
Il fumettista vende prodotti finiti?

Un colorista, che compie una parte intermedia del lavoro necessario tra l'idea e la stampa, svolge un lavoro classificabile come "opera dell'ingegno"?

La questione non è una futile catalogazione da entomologo, ma crea differenze maledettamente concrete nei diritti e negli obblighi che il fumettista ha con il fisco, con l'INPS e, naturalmente, con l'editore.

A questo aggiungiamo anche la spinosa faccenda che, alla mancanza di un contratto scritto, spesso si tende a classificare i lavori come Co.Co.O., anche quando il lavoro del fumettista è, beh, un vero lavoro, a tempo pieno, che richiede una preparazione specifica, non diversamente dal mestiere dello scrittore o del pittore.

Aggiungiamo che la normativa italiana sul diritto d'autore è orribilmente vecchia e lacunosa, e che tutte le raccolte di leggi (non solo sul diritto d'autore) online sono parziali, poco aggiornate, e tutte non ufficiali.
Le migliori sono quelle aggiornate da società private specializzate, per le quali bisogna pagare gli aggiornamenti.

Inizia una nuova grande missione: cercare di capirci qualcosa!

Nel prossimo episodio: Cos'è una Pensione e chi ha diritto ad averla?


Stay tuned!

- Manuela

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Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 24, 2010, 9:17 AM

Hi, lovely people!
This is a short message for all of you!

In these months, I've been working for a new interactive book for iPad and I'm at 70% in my first Puzzle Story!
Next year I think I'll be able to show you something of these and I'll ask you to spread the word like wildfire! ^__^

Since I haven't been posting in months, here's a cover for a project due in Christmas Season 2011.
The inside artwork has to be assigned yet, and this may not be the final cover.

It's a pleasure being able to show you something! ^__-

Santa Dust: merry Christmas by ManuelaSoriani

(Sorry for the huge watermark, I hope it's good to look at all the same... ^__^ )

- Manuela

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Why I didn't answer you?

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 8, 2010, 9:50 AM

Because I'm choked full of work.
I have so few free hours, and I'm not able to keep up with your love! ^__^

I actually canceled your messages, and I'll start tomorrow to read the new ones.
I'll also try to answer to all of you, or at least to the most funny ones! ^__^

In the next few months I will not be able to put on DA new stuff: I'm working on projects with very strict NDAs.

So, be patient!
I hope I'll be able to show you something soon!

Also, I don't have time to do some "free" illustrations: after so many month without a job, keeping pace is hard!

A couple of "thank you"s:

Thanks to EVERYONE who wished me a good birthday! You're all sweet, I love you all! I was so sad not being able to thank you one-by-one! ;__;

Thanks and welcome to my new watchers! You're a hundred or so! O_O I'm amazed, I posted nothing in months... THANK YOU!!

Finally, a cut-and-paste from my blog (Italian version at this… )

Oh, my!
Where has my summer gone?
It slipped through my fingers like sand, and I wasn't even able to touch sand this year!

Really, I'm wondering... ^ __ ^

I have been so many months without work, and now it seems almost impossible having so many things to do!
As always, everything came upon me at once, like magic.

Last month I finished my first digital interactive story: I can show or tell nothing of it, sorry.
It was a very complicated job, with an incredibly tight deadline.

I hope children will like it!
Certainly, I made it with a lot of enthusiasm!

During the last weeks I also had the pleasure of getting another important illustration work for children, from a Belgian committant. He's extremely capable and polite.
Unfortunately I cannot say anything of this, too, because everything is bound by an NDA, that is: non-disclosure agreement.

At last, I'm happy because I'm able to do what I like! That's so satisfying!

I apologize to all the many people who write me emails and messages, but I absolutely cannot answer for lack of time. I read everything: know that if you want advice on how to work or how to approach this difficult market, just be tenacious and persevere.

Present your style for what it is, always work hard to improve it and follow the advice, but only from people without arrogance and malice.

I'm not spending much words about the reasons why I'm not seeking more work in the Italian comics market, because I cannot find the right words to explain how this can be frustrating and what are my feelings now about it.

I will explain all of it later, when I am mentally in order and purified.

Of course, I will not give up my attempts for Nathan Never. First, because I really like Serra, who is a person who has given me so much, who followed me, helped me with practical advice and moral support. Second, working for Bonelli would be a nice way to improve my CV.

Giving up to comics, after ten years of study and work, makes me a little sad.
But it's also nice to open your mind to new experiences!

What a stream of words! ^_^;

A couple of personal notes:

First, congratulations to Cosimo Ferri and Samanta Cefaliello for their weddings. I was there, and I enjoyed them very much!

Also, during this beautiful weddings, I was lucky enough to know better Giuseppe Manunta and Alessio Fortunato (and his girlfriend, Annarita). They're wonderful people! ^_^

And that's all for now! ^ __ ^

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I'm not vanished! ^__^

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 23, 2010, 11:14 AM

Hallo people!

I just wanted to let you know that I'm not missing, but this is a very full period and that is why I'm vanished on DeviantArt and on my Blog.

Do not expect to find some new stuff soon in comics stores, because in these weeks I am working on very different things than my usual.

I was busy with illustrations for some foreign private clients.

Some of these clients are common people, looking for original gifts or a personal whim, others are professionals in various sectors that have seen my recent illos (thanks, Rachele! ;-)) nd they asked me to work with them for some long-term projects.

I'm not allowed to show these around, but I can give some little "insight"...

Project 1:
I am working on a project for a video game.
My work is still in its early stages (I do not know exactly how much work I'll get... O.o), but my (Japanese) employer is extremely excited about the first results!
What a satisfaction!

Project 2:
I'm starting with a series of illustrations for an American employer, in a very special format!
In a few weeks I hope I'll be able to leak something more!

For those who follow me just for the comic pages, I'm telling them not to be desperate!
I'm trying to finish (in my spare time, of course) an 8 page story entitled "Athens and the Olive Tree", written by my beloved Ian, who, after "The Deathlings", does not want to know to stop working with me. ;-)

It's a story for "Black Label Comics.
It's always nice to participate in projects written for the sheer love of art.
It feels so liberating.

I really hope these project will open me some new directions (Glee! ^_- ), beacuse Italian market just plain sucks.

Love to you all!

P.S.: I noticed I've been tagged on a journal (thanks Francesca :iconfrancescadasacco:) and I have a lot of messages and new watchers... Please give me some time to answer you. Of course, I'll NEVER be able to answer to all of you, but I'll try! I'll be VERY busy in the next days!

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Traditional Art: TWO commission slots!

Journal Entry: Tue May 11, 2010, 2:55 AM

Hi People! ^__^

I have some time to dedicate to commissions, it seems! ^___^

So, there are THREE (3) commission slots for TRADITIONAL ART: that is, I can send you the original, if you want!

I accept commision for PORTRAITS (of any character) with or without flower decoration.
These will be close-ups, not full figures, like these:

Atena_artwork_02 coffee by ManuelaSoriani Myriam_artwork_05 by ManuelaSoriani Myriam_artwork_04 by ManuelaSoriani

Each slot is available for 30 Euro (A4 size on 200g/m^2 paper) or 40 Euro (27x35 cm, that is 10.6"x13.8" on 300 g/m^2 paper): your choice.

If you want to recieve the original, you pay the shipping costs; of course, I'll tell you in advance what are the options (I send from Italy).

The technique will be pencil on rough paper (see above) with coffee and ecoline inks (or just coffee, your choice).

If interested, send me a note (or an e-mail!)! ^__^

SLOT 1: Maria

SLOT 2: [unassigned]

SLOT 3: [unassigned]

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Black Label Comics NEEDS YOU! ^_-

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 24, 2010, 8:21 AM

This week, no weekly feature!
I have another kind of announcement to do! ^__^


So, what is this?

I cut-and-paste from Ian's :iconianstruckhoff: (and other's) journals:

Black Label Comics is an anthology of short comics written by Ian Struckhoff (a.k.a. photographer Ian X. iconian-x: ) In the first few issues, there will be stories with art by Manuela Soriani (that would be me!), Adrian Dorame, Nick Raimo, Matteo Carlarino, Daniel Herrmann, Rosie Battiloro, and other artists from around the world.

The book has been accepted as a project on Kickstarter-- They're asking for help in getting started, specifically in funding the printing and distribution expenses of the first issue. This will allow them to self-publish the first printing of the first issue, including printing and a cut for distributors. In the end, if it sells well in addition to your contributions, they will break even, or have some money to roll over into the second printing or the second issue.

For more information, visit this… page or check back here… for future updates!

The comic you are supporting is a combination of new, indie, and professional creators from around the world. Each issue will be 52 full-color pages, with stories ranging from 8-12 pages. We expect to publish the first print run by November 2010-- as soon as it's ready, our contributors will be the first people to receive copies.

Here's what you can get for pledging...
$3 - PDF of the comic before it comes out
$10 - Pre-order the comic, including shipping
$20 - Two signed comics: Black Label Comics #1 and The Deathlings #0
$25 - Signed comic plus a photo of one of our characters
$40 - Big 18" x 24" poster of the cover
$60 - DIE HORRIBLY in a comic! (See Ian X previous journals.)
$89 - Sponsor a whole day, get an exclusive variant of the comic!
$100 - Comic Shop Retail Pack - 10 comics, two posters, signed exclusive variant
$200 - Naming Rights - We will name a character after you
$500 - Patron - Thanks in the comic, variant comic, poster, plus a surprise
$2000 - You Win! - All of the above and a one-of-a-kind variant of the comic where your name replaces Ian's name in the title on the cover!

Please spread the word, no matter if you donate or not! ^__^

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Weekly Feature: mary-chan

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 17, 2010, 7:57 AM

Hi Guys!

This week my feature is dedicated to Mary-chan :iconmartinacecilia:.

Her watercolors are AMAZING. *____*
(I really love traditional art!)

She's an Italian artist, very kind and sweet.

In addition, she has done some illustrations of my favorite saga, "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin!

Enjoy her stunning works!

Sta nascondendo qualcosa by martinacecilia   then your cigarette... by martinacecilia   Tyrell's dinner by martinacecilia   Renly's Court by martinacecilia   Blackwater by martinacecilia
Rhaegar and Lyanna by martinacecilia   Cersei and Jaime by martinacecilia  

Mature Content

Kingslayer by martinacecilia
   we will escape somehow by martinacecilia   Credevo di volare e non volo by martinacecilia
...tanto ci potrai trovare qui by martinacecilia   Poesia di un amore profano by martinacecilia   All the little pieces by martinacecilia   Chain of flowers by martinacecilia   A proposito di... by martinacecilia
mi mangi il cuore e l'anima by martinacecilia   Winter Smile Colouring by martinacecilia   Look at me, little bird... by martinacecilia   Wish by martinacecilia   Save a prayer by martinacecilia

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Weekly Feature: Colby Bluth

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 10, 2010, 1:47 AM

Colby Bluth :iconcolbybluth: is an amazing person.

Since I begin here on DA, he commentend a lot of my works, he gave me advices and support.

He's a extremely talented cartoonist, and I hope this feature give him the credit he deserves.

Thank you, Colby! ^___^

Joy Division Poster 3 of 3 by ColbyBluth   Joy Division Poster 2 of 3 by ColbyBluth   Seahorse Love by ColbyBluth   Moon Ride by ColbyBluth   Safer Shores by ColbyBluth
Dinner Frogs by ColbyBluth   Halloween for Penguins by ColbyBluth   Back Again by ColbyBluth   Gorilla Love by ColbyBluth   Night Rescue Comic 1 of 8 by ColbyBluth
Night Rescue Comic 2 of 8 by ColbyBluth         Detective Triumphant by ColbyBluth   Traun Climbing Mountain by ColbyBluth
Presenting Fruit by ColbyBluth   The King's Court by ColbyBluth   Parrotfish in Mangrove by ColbyBluth   Otter Grooming by ColbyBluth   Octopus by ColbyBluth
Giant Kelpfish by ColbyBluth   Pin-up 06 by ColbyBluth   F.A.B. Logo by ColbyBluth   Audrey Hepburn by ColbyBluth   Luggage Porter by ColbyBluth
Lilo and Stitch by ColbyBluth

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Weekly feature 2: Chocolatita + answers + kiriban!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 3, 2010, 8:35 AM

Thi is my weekly feature.

Artist is Chocolatita :iconchocolatita:.
Her style is very original, sweet, and likeable.

:thumb155243513:  :thumb152134189:  :thumb155624009:  :thumb157421207:
:thumb156319100:  :thumb150964724:  :thumb150247682:  :thumb141159885:
:thumb147104685:  :thumb148747747:  :thumb135303177:  :thumb133914356:
:thumb132412145:  :thumb129062906:  :thumb123441392:  :thumb121650439:
:thumb121650638:  :thumb122515138:  :thumb119631326:  :thumb106722818:
:thumb104073052:  :thumb102002158:  :thumb91218770:   :thumb87127247:
:thumb70610609:  :thumb63687924:  :thumb54755639:  :thumb41694053:


Thank you for all of your advice you're giving me for my illustrations! ^__^

I'm trying to follow all of them, if possible! ^__^
I'm NOT able to answer all of you: my english is not that good, and it would require me a lot of time. Time I just don't have right now, sorry!
I'm under schedule, deadlines are ahead... Sorryy again! ^__^;

Anyway, I'm reading all of your messages and I love them (and all of you!).


KIRIBAN for 20.000 pageviews.

It's very, very near. 'nuff said.

I'll be far from home for a few days, I'll answer you, and announce the winner if s/he sent me the required snapshot, next week.

For information and rules, see here:…

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Requesting advice on illustration!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 29, 2010, 4:06 AM

I'm trying to change my way of illustrating things.

In particular, I'm trying to be more of an illustrator than a comic artist (I was told so, whatever they mean), to open myself some new job opportunity.

I'm experimenting with digital art to make my works more peculiar, expecially in my tract.

So... Any suggestion?

The Fairy Princess -WIP- by ManuelaSoriani 'In the ice' - lineart by ManuelaSoriani

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